The International Business Division of Godfrey Phillips India manages the company’s diverse and well-entrenched business interests across the globe. Driven by a passionate team with in-depth expertise in various geographies, the company has amassed a valuable repertoire of information about product and consumer behavior in various countries. Backed by unmatched production capabilities, a reputed line-up of products and the expertise of an 80-year old multi-billion dollar company, this team has been responsible for striking strategic partnerships with leading conglomerates in the tobacco industry.

Exporting to multiple partners in over 30 countries, we are a reputed name in the international business circuit.

GPI International Clients
Market products and offers

The company exports an array of products in both tobacco and non-tobacco categories. Additionally, GPI helps international clients market products and offers professional services and expertise tailor-made to individual requirements, such as contract manufacturing.


Widest range of quality products.

STATE-OF-THE-ART Manufacturing

With over 80 years of expertise and multiple state-of-the-art production facilities, GPIL's manufacturing capabilities are unmatched.

globally recognized practices
globally recognized practices

High performance is embedded in our culture and our results speak.

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seed to smoke

We are involved at every stage of the cigarette manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Godfrey Philips offers both a wide range of existing cigarette brands for global distribution and contract manufacturing services for a range of tobacco products. We have unparalleled cigarette manufacturing and tobacco processing capabilities, with multiple state-of-the-art facilities spread across India. We offer both standalone services and a bouquet of end-to-end services, which include any or all of the following:

  • Customization of blends and production of bulk orders
  • Production of ready-to-use cigarettes, with options to customize blends, choose cigarette papers, filter specifications
  • Smoke analysis
  • Leaf processing
  • Fabrication of customized blends
  • Designing of cigarette packs ( You can design your own pack with our interactive widget )
  • End-to-end product customization: Right from customizing blends to getting ready-to-sell packaged cigarettes, our turnkey services offer you retail-ready products

Yes. Given decades of expertise in production of tobacco products – both GPI's own brands and on contract for other tobacco brands, we have a keen understanding of end-to-end product development. We offer our clients a range of related services in addition to contract manufacturing cigarettes or tobacco products.

  • Analysis and testing
  • Packaging
  • Branding
  • Product development strategy based on targeted market and geography
  • Proposed brand placement

Products developed in GPI's state-of-the-art facilities are exported to over 30 countries across the world. We therefore have systems and processes in place to ensure that the products meet the highest standards of quality and regulation laid down in various countries. Our factories equipped with end-to-end production capabilities follow processes that ensure the products meet international requirements. GPI also strictly adheres to globally recognized best practices such as TQM, Daichi-Ban, Six Sigma and Kaizen. Our uncompromising attitude towards quality, technology and the adoption of environment friendly processes has made us one of the most well-recognized and awarded companies in the industry.

Yes. GPI manufactures and supplies cigarettes and processed tobacco in bulk to companies all across the world including Phillip Morris, ITG, JTI, Eastern Company, European Tobacco, Libyan Tobacco Company and RNTA.

  • Our cigarette manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art automatic storage and retrieval systems for all raw materials with a capacity of approximately 3000 tonnes, a first in Asia.
  • High capacity makers and packers
  • Branding
  • Automated high-end technology to ensure perfect blend, untouched by hand in bulk quantities

Seed to smoke is both a process and a service - our turnkey cigarette manufacturing offering. As the name suggests, it involves an active engagement, innovation and perfection at every stage of the cigarette production process – beginning with cultivation of leaves, processing and blending of the tobacco leaves as per specifications, the fabricating of cigarettes at our high-tech facilities and finally branding, designing and packaging of the cigarettes as per requirements, ready for retail-sale. Through the entire process, GPI's team of researchers at the Insight Tobacco Institute, on-ground agricultural experts working with farmers, blenders, testers, quality analyzers, designers, sourcing specialists, branding and packaging experts all work seamlessly to deliver an end product that is of global standards.

GPI ensures involvement, innovation and a standardization of best practices and processes at every stage of cigarette/tobacco product manufacturing. Apart from a range of global best practices being followed and various countries' standards and regulations being adhered to, here is a snapshot listing how processes ensure guarantee of quality and product specification:

  • Tobacco leaves: The process of identifying the differentiator (with regard to leaves and blends) begins at the cultivation stage by improving agricultural practices. Our Insight Tobacco Institute is led by a team of technically skilled personnel who work with scientists, farmers and MNCs to make pioneering strides in improving quality and other parameters of the tobacco leaf. Apart from cultivating our own tobacco, GPI also possesses the unique capability to use imported tobacco – this allows us to prepare a wider range and more precise blends for our international customers.
  • Blends: GPI cultivates its own tobacco and imports tobacco from across the world to allow for creation of a wider range and unique blends. GPI's master blenders select the right types of tobacco from various regions to create the required blends.
  • Testing: Once these are created on a small scale, they undergo a series of tests before they are produced on a pilot scale. The pilot samples are then subjected to various analytical tests in modern equipped labs.
  • Production: This is then put into large scale production. Here, all product components are fed into automated systems to ensure product integrity as per specifications and hygiene is maintained as the automated process is untouched by hand.

GPI provides a range of tobacco products – cigarettes, cut tobacco, RYO, zarda and tobacco shisha. We also contract manufacture and customize tobacco blends and products as per customers' specifications. Given its in-depth expertise, GPI possess the capability of providing all kinds of tobacco blends, customized to requirements across the globe. Tobacco used in our factories is both cultivated by us and imported as well. Under the category of cut tobacco, we provide four main types of tobacco. All our tobacco has lower levels of heavy metals and TSNs.

1. Un-manufactured Tobacco of FCV

  • Traditional
  • NLS & Mysore

2. Unmanufactured Tobacco Non FCV

  • Vinukonda Burley
  • HDBRG, Rustica
  • Lalchoupadia

Yes. GPI has a large bouquet of very popular cigarette brands that are available in different countries across the world. Some of our very popular brands like Jaisalmer, Double Six and Force 10 have been capturing markets as far and wide as Middle East, South America and the Far East. Our cigarette brands continue to enjoy a significant brand presence and loyalty in the various parts of the world where they are available. You can get more details about our popular brands here.

  • Jaisalmer
  • Force10
  • Stellar
  • Bulls and Bears
  • Originals
  • International
  • Black Jack
  • Stallion
  • Hawkeye
  • Sahara
  • Ultima