Dr. Bina Modi

Chairperson and Managing Director
Head of CSR Committee

Beyond the walls of our organizations, our philosophy of putting people first extends to every member of all the communities and stakeholders affected by Company’s operations. We have a strong emphasis on giving back and creating a positive impact on society.

A significant portion of tobacco farmers faces marginalization, bearing the impact of industry regulations and restrictions that hinder the overall growth of the community and beyond. Recognizing the interconnectedness of these challenges, we actively engage with the tobacco farmers' community to offer support and empowerment. Our commitment to these communities has shaped a strategic CSR program with a focus on sustainable development and livelihood, extending its positive impact beyond the tobacco farmers to encompass the entire community. This holistic approach benefits women, children, and non-tobacco growing farmers, creating a meaningful and lasting change.


In the regions of Prakasam, Guntur, Bapatla, Palnadu, YSR Kadapa Nandyal District, marginalized Burley Tobacco Farmers confront multifaceted challenges beyond poverty and economic constraints. These challenges extend to the wider community, encompassing issues such as inadequate access to safe drinking water, deficient health and hygiene facilities, limited educational opportunities, and restricted employability. The ripple effect includes gender disparity, discrimination, addiction, and child labour.

Our CSR initiatives recognize that these challenges are not isolated to the farmers alone but affect the entire community. Through targeted programs, we aim to address these issues comprehensively, fostering the upliftment and empowerment of the entire community, both directly and indirectly.

Our key CSR initiatives are focused around:

Access to safe drinking water

  • Community water plants

Water and soil conservation

  • Check-Dams
  • Tank developments
  • De-siltation
  • Borewell recharges

Safeguarding produce

  • Community agri-sheds for storing crops

Plantations and biodiversity

  • Increasing greencover and boosting biodiversity

Eliminating child labour

  • School infrastructure development
  • After school programs

Improving health

  • Safe potable water
  • Health camps for building awareness

Our Comprehensive Approach

At Godfrey Phillips India, we work closely with farmers in the region to address these challenges through a comprehensive program. Our efforts focus on providing safe drinking water through community water plants, increasing health and hygiene awareness via health camps, improving sanitation with the construction of toilets, promoting child education and eliminating child labour through school infrastructure development, and encouraging sustainable livelihoods through farming best practices, mechanization, and diversification.

Addressing Climate Impact

Recognizing the impact of climate change on farming, we're actively involved in water conservation through initiatives like rainwater harvesting, pond and tank revival, groundwater recharging, soil and biodiversity conservation, and awareness programs to reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions and soil erosion.

Eliminating Child Labour

Our commitment to education and eliminating child labour extends to 'After School Programs' and school infrastructure development, such as the construction of toilets, playgrounds, RO (reverse osmosis) units, fencing, painting, and repairs. We engage in extensive communication campaigns across communities, schools, and farmer organizations to raise awareness and sensitivity to these critical issues.

Our Reach

Among the mapped 290 villages in the tobacco belt of Andhra Pradesh, our initiatives are benefitting

  • ~100 villages
  • ~3000 farmers
  • ~200,000 individuals

CSR Annual Reports