At Godfrey Phillips India, our people-first philosophy extends beyond our organization to create a positive impact on society. Committed to sustainability, we aim to protect people by safeguarding the planet and the environment. This commitment goes beyond business interests, reaching into the larger community.

As we progress, we focus on empowering our employees, partners, associates, and the communities we touch. Our collaborative efforts drive positive change at both individual and organizational levels. With a sustainable mindset, we actively work to minimize our environmental footprint, promote eco-friendly practices, empower farmer communities, support retailers and hawkers, and ensure a safe, healthy, and growth-oriented workplace for our people.

Our operations are guided by a dedication to protecting the planet and contributing to a better future for all. This holistic approach reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and societal well-being.


Dr. Bina Modi

Chairperson and Managing Director

Our journey towards sustainability is driven by our people-first philosophy and responsible governance.

Sharad Aggarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Success lies not only in financial achievements but also in creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders.



Our Policies

Our meticulously crafted policies embody our commitment to excellence and sustainability. Envisioning the future, our forward-looking policies prioritize the well-being and advancement of all stakeholders, ensuring a responsible and thriving ecosystem.
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Industry Best Practices

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evidenced by our prestigious certifications, including ISO 9001; 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 50001: 2018, for best-in-class systems. Notably, our manufacturing units in Guldhar and Rabale have also implemented an organization approach to embedding Social Responsibility following the international guideline of ISO 26000, reflecting our dedication to ethical and responsible practices.

We embrace best-in-class processes, including Six Sigma, TQM, Haichi Ban, 5 S, and Kaizen, to continuously enhance our operations and deliver unparalleled quality.