Our Culture

Where You Belong

At Godfrey Phillips India, our culture is not just a set of values; it's a way of life.
It's about people – our most valuable asset. Here's what sets our culture apart:

People-First Philosophy

Our people are the heart of our success. That's why our People-First philosophy isn't just a slogan; it's our guiding principle. We prioritize our people’s well-being, growth, and happiness because when our people grow, the Company grows.

OneGPI Spirit

At the heart of our culture is OneGPI – the spirit of collaboration, unity, and equal partnership. We work together towards a common goal while having fun along the way. Being a part of OneGPI isn't just about working for a company; it's about being a proud member of a thriving family.

Certified Great Place To Work

We're not just saying we're a great place to work; we have the certification to prove it. For six consecutive years, we've been recognized as a Great Place To Work. It's a testament to our commitment to our employees and our dedication to fostering a vibrant and supportive workplace.

together logo The Collective Force of Our Values

At GPI, we believe that our success is powered by our people's unwavering commitment and the magic of collaboration. Our goal is to foster open, inclusive environments where every voice is valued, ideas are discussed with an open mind, and teams unite as one. We're committed to continuous improvement, striving to be better each day. These values guide us towards an ethical, committed, and inclusive culture. TogetHR, we inspire, learn, grow, celebrate, and respect each other, igniting shared success.

Our People
Come First For Us


At Godfrey Phillips India, we understand that our greatest achievements stem from the collective commitment and dedication of our people. We cherish individual strengths, yet recognize the transformative magic that collaboration unleashes. TogetHR represents our philosophy of collective intelligence, where diverse teams unite to achieve, surpass, and celebrate together. In our dynamic, inclusive work environments, every voice is valued, encouraging open discussions and merit-based idea exchange. TogetHR is not just a concept; it's a daily commitment to inclusivity, support, diversity, creativity, transparency, and above all, trustworthiness. This collective vision propels us to continually strive for excellence, creating a distinctive, ethical, and inclusive culture where every employee is empowered, valued, and contributes to our shared success.

TogetHR Inspirit

Our innovative onboarding makes sure that every new member of the OneGPI family feel right at home, cared for, valued - and most of all - a part of their team from day one

TogetHR We Empower

Our culture thrives on openness and inclusion. We offer multiple avenues for feedback, change suggestions, and grievance submissions. Every voice, every idea, and every perspective is valued equally, contributing to our ever-improving culture.

TogetHR We Inspire

We cherish diverse skills, perspectives, and strengths, fostering a culture of learning and collective growth. Every GPI member is encouraged to aspire, inspire, collaborate, maintain ethical standards, raise concerns, and lead a balanced, mindful life both within and beyond the organization.

TogetHR We Enable

Our investment in growth empowers individuals and elevates us all. We're dedicated to fostering a learning environment, with numerous opportunities at all levels to help each member reach their full potential.

TogetHR We Elevate

Our relentless pursuit of excellence is our team's driving force. We celebrate every milestone, achievement, and innovative idea, propelling us forward as a united team, constantly achieving new successes.